Friday, September 2, 2016

September comes in with a storm, orts, embroidery and books

The last day of August went out with wonderful surprise on the 31st while putting a few things in my car a beautiful spotted hawk was roosting on my roof. It looked very close to the hawk in th photo below, unfortunately by the time I ran inside for my camera. I was just about to snap his picture when he flew away.

September rolled in with lots of gray skies, heavy rain and a tropical storm becoming the first hurricane to make landfall on Florida in eleven years. We were lucky to just get the rain and wind with a few small bunches of mistletoe on the ground this morning fallen from the oak tree in the front of my house. All is well this morning despite the heavy rain no damages that Ican see to my house and yard.

September brings a subtle change in the weather too, while it is still hot and humid most days, the temps are noticeably lower in the evenings and the mornings too, the days continually grow shorter and before we know it autumn will arrive.

I am making progress on block number nine though I am taking a break today from stitching because my fingertip on my right index finger is sore from pulling the needle through its time to change out the needles I've been using.
block 9
It has been several months since I did an actual Ort Report and this one is a day after the new moon for this month but here's my pile of orts included are July and August orts.
Last week I picked up a two books that were waiting for me at the library I started reading the mystery last night.
I'll start reading the Jill Lepore book later this one next week.
Oh and the month of September is National Sewing Month so I plan to get a few sewing projects going this month.
I wish you all a happy and safe Labor Day Weekend.

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