Monday, May 13, 2019

A new hand embroidery project is on the hoop

Mother's Day was yesterday I hope of you that are mother's had a wonderful day.  After spending the day with my son I had a chance to pick up my newest hand embroidery project later in the evening.

The piece is a Celtic Cross the pattern gifted to me from a friend a few months back and I have been eager to get started but as we all know other things tend to get in the way and then there is other stitching projects that are underway, or in the midst of being completed.
I finally washed off the stitch and wash product and did a quick pressing for my second in drum and dance series, once the frames arrive I will iron out those creases and wrinkles and hope I didn't pull my thread to tight.  I was uncertain how the metallic thread would hold up when washing to my relief everything turned out well.
For this piece my first in the drum and dance series I was considering adding more stitches to the skirt perhaps little stars, then I thought leave well enough alone I can always make another on, after all I had several ideas in my notebook for this one. I like the idea of doing more of the pattern with my other ideas, one which includes using fabric for the skirt and hip scarf.
This third piece of the drum and dance series I recently finished stitching and gave a quick press once I am ready to finish it will get a good pressing I hope that crease comes out with a good dose of Best Press.  I have two other pieces for this series waiting to be stitched with a ideas for a few more, a friend is creating a pattern for this series. So now after looking at the blocks I am considering putting them all together for a wall hanging or a quilt.

Right now all thoughts of  quilting or framing will have to wait, the property survey for the house we are planning to buy happens this week so as long as things go as smoothly as they have we should be closing on the 31st of May.  It's time to clear out the closets and fill the donation box and get started on packing.
I am keeping this cross piece and the Greenman on hand to stitch in the evening when I'm ready to unwind for the night, and one crochet project for when my eyes or fingers are too sore for hand embroidery.

I am linking to Kathy's Quilts a day late for Slow Sunday Stitching check out what other bloggers are stitching:

For the Mermaid fans out there for the month of May this lovely Blog: Days Filled With Joy, will be hosting a month long stitch along aptly named Mermay the patterns are free to download and it's not too late to join in. Here is a link for those interested.
I came in at the tail end last year (pun intended) and just didn't have time, I plan on starting the first mermaid later today she is all printed out and waiting to be traced onto fabric.


  1. So fun to be working in a series! I have enjoyed each one but the dancer with the tambourine is my favourite!

  2. Deb: You choose such beautiful design to work on, I like seeing your progress.


  3. Such interesting and different embroidery designs.

  4. I love your Celtic Cross Deb! It's so pretty! You do beautiful work.. thanks for linking to the mermaid :) xx