Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Crayon Tint Class

Yesterday afternoon was the Crayon Tinting class, it was nice to have more people show up then just myself, it makes for a more lively and active class, everyone sharing ideas and tips and just bits and pieces of our lives.

Several of us were taking the class to update our embroidery skills, it has been a long time for some of (decades really).  Several of us loved to color as children so it gave us the excuse to pull out the crayons, (I know one of us has several mandala coloring books).

Anyway here my piece after coloring and heat setting it with the iron, the same process I have used before in cross stitch:
And here are the first few embroidery stitches I put in:
The embroidery classes are over for now and I'm going to be working to complete this piece over the next few days or weeks, I'm not in any hurry to finish, I have other projects too I want to get a start on and yesterday I purchased some fabric before class started one of those other projects.
the Tomorrow's Promise rose fabrics I think I may use the pink for part of the crazy heart pillow pattern.
The larger rose print is for an idea forming in my head that I'm still working the details on. I also plundered the scrap baskets to add to my collection of bits and pieces for small projects and for my postage stamp quilt.
fat eighths
I like picking through the scrap baskets most of the scraps are 4-5" squares,  when my son was a young boy of 9 every quilt shop visited he would pick out ten or twenty scraps to use in the first quilt he made. I taught him to sew by hand and he would work his pieces while I worked mine.

 Years later I still love picking through those baskets.


  1. What a great memory of your son learning to quilt and picking out the fabric scraps!!!

  2. Love your wonderful memory of your Son. So sweet.
    Thanks for Sharing.