Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Hand Embroidery Class Final Post

Today was day two of the Hand Embroidery class I was taking and I have to say despite a few rough starts, some forgotten trimming and some stitch ripping I finished my two projects.
My needle book I think came out right even though we missed the instruction to cut the embroidery piece before construction. This was due to misreading and a several interruptions during the class, yet with a little ingenuity I was able to trim everything to fit rather nicely, I omitted the white hand stitching on the corners because mine are really to small to really get the look. The omitted rick rack I will blame on the book which called for 1/4" which was too narrow for me to stitch to the piece, half inch would have been better.
Pocket inside front cover
Felt piece
pocket inside back cover

The blue fabric I picked up today during class from the charm scrap basket, since the supplies list for the class didn't list the blue fabric I didn't buy any and I had meant to mention it last week after reading over the book but forgot, and of course the blue fabric I have at home was left sitting right where I put it this morning but I like this blue fabric its shot through with gold and really looks great with the green and red and doesn't look so Christmasy.
needlebook back
The pincushion came out nicely when I first stitched it all together I forgot to leave an open space for stuffing the cushion so out came the seam ripper, and then of course I made the opening too small as the ground walnut shells were put into a hexagon muslin liner, so out came the seam ripper to remove a few stitches.
The first time I stuffed the pincushion I had forgotten to turn it back to the right side and I was wondering what happened to all my pretty stitches and gosh it was ugly, then I started to laugh when I realized it was still inside out.
I didn't sew the buttons on the pincushion or needlebook until later at home we were running out of time due to all the interruptions and I wanted to get the needle book done before I left. The buttons on the needlebook should have been sewn on before it was all put together but I managed to sew them carefully under the pocket.

So the Hand Embroidery class is over I learned a few tips, tricks and shortcuts for future projects, next Tuesday is the Crayon Tint Embroidery class and from I hear I won't be the only student this time.  I enjoyed the class and DeeAnn the instructor is a wealth of knowledge and I look forward to taking the next class with her.


  1. I think times like that when you make a mistake and learn to make it work anyway are wonderful lessons. I think children need to learn this young. Lots of times we don't do things exactly like we are instructed, but they turn out just fine anyway.

  2. Those are adorable projects Deb. Have fun at your next class and thanks for sharing. I can't want to hear more about crayon tinting on embroidery.

  3. Great little projects and you did lovely work with both of them. Crayon Tinting embroidery class sounds very interesting. I hope you will share what you learn there with us.

    Happy Creating ~ FlowerLady

  4. Thank you all for the comments and compliments, I was a fun and at times frustrating process, and I learned such more then I expected.

  5. Well you can be proud, those finishes are just lovely!!
    Have fun at your next class :)

  6. These are so cute! They came out beautifully! Congratulations on your new beauties!