Monday, October 13, 2014

Stitching complete

Saturday afternoon I finished the stitching on the project for Tuesday's Embroidery Class, all and all I am satisfied with the piece for the needle book
My stitches are a bit wonky and I ripped several of them out and began again and again, mostly the french knot, some resembled miniature cauliflower heads and some weren't even recognizable as a stitch.
After completing the embroidery I decided to put a full bobbin in my sewing machine and give it a test before lugging it to class, good thing I checked because as quick as it stitched it stopped with a jam so I re-threaded the machine, removed and checked the bobbin and ugh! another jam.
I left the sewing table to take a few deep breaths and thirty minutes later I went through all the steps again and third times a charm I suppose and I had nice straight stitches.

I imagine the sewing machine was feeling a bit neglected, I bought it about two years ago thinking I needed something more modern and manufactured in this century plus light enough to take along to a quilt class, not to mention it would be nice to have 60 additional stitches to play with, yet I have used it 3 maybe 4 times preferring my forty plus years old Kenmore.

But it's time for to climb of my safety rut and start being a little more adventurous again, so tomorrow the Singer machine comes with me to class and when I have the time I am going to experiment with some of the fancy stitches the machine is capable of, it is after all why I purchased this model in the first place, it will be nice to fill my Ort Jar again.
before embroidery project
after embroidery project
Now it's time to drag out the iron to press the pieces to get all the hoop wrinkles to disappear, write a few letters and page through this nifty craft magazine that came in Saturday's mail from my friend, I just love the felt colors.


  1. Love your stitchery on the dotted fabric! SOOOOO sweet!

    1. Thank you so much. I was unsure how it would look but it worked out well.

  2. You did a great job. Looking forward to seeing what you do next.

  3. Looks great Deb. How fun to be going to a class. I hope next year I will get myself to go to one. They are so informative and helpful for future projects.
    Love the new craft magazine with all that pretty felt.
    Have fun!