Friday, October 10, 2014

In between the stitchery

I started the day very early this morning with several errands to run and a list of things I needed to buy but first I enjoyed my morning walk and then it was off to the post office to drop off the packages, after the post office I headed over to Joann's Fabrics.

After much thought and consideration I figured it was about time I drag myself into the 21st century and learn to use a rotary cutter. It just so happened I had a coupon for 50% off and I had noticed this nifty set last week when I was picking up ribbon and rickrack for my embroidery class project.
It comes with a rotary cutter, 18" x 24"cutting mat and 6" x 24" ruler, with the coupon it was under $30.00 which is a great deal, usually the price for just the ruler ranges from $16.00 to $24.00.  I love those 50% off coupons.  

I arrived at Joann's right after the store opened and was in and out before I had the chance to talk myself out of buying it, I think my hands will be relieved when I start using the cutter rather then scissors to cut fabric for my next quilt, with all the troubles I have with my hands mastering this tool should be very helpful.

While at the grocery store I picked up a couple of needle craft magazines and the current issue of Florida Gardening I grabbed at Sam's Club the only place I ever find it. I'm sure there is a project or two among the lot.
On the way home I picked up a two books I had reserved at the library, now I have something new to read when my fingers get to tingly with the embroidery projects.
Right now though I have a few letters to write before it gets too late and I'm too tired after my busy day my motor is just about winding down.


  1. I don't know how to use a rotary cutter either, not that I do quilting but I think a combo like you bought would be very useful for me. You've inspired me to look into it.

    Have a lovely weekend ~ FlowerLady

  2. Hey Deb! Thanks for soming by my blog! Wanted to tell you that I've been able to read Florida Gardening at the Palm Beach County Library. It is good, since I haven't quite brought myself to subscribe yet! :)

    I also do not own a rotary cutter, but often times think I should. Why am I so obstinate? It sure makes things easier at times!!! Good grief!

    Have a wonderful weekend!