Sunday, October 30, 2016

A fun filled October and slow stitches on a Sunday

WOW! This month has just flown by and much has gone on this October, early in the month my doctor added a few new medications for my blood pressure and not high cholesterol and something to keep my blood sugar in check, since my A1C was 6.5 but the fasting glucose a whooping 139 I am back on the Metformin at this point I am now considered diabetic, its only for a few weeks to see how things go but in all honesty I think I should have stayed on the medication 2 years ago when the other doctor first prescribed it even though all the numbers were normal.  My echocardiogram came out normal my heart is pumping at 60% normal is 50-75%.

On a good note yesterday I spent the afternoon with my sister and great niece at The Pickin Patch farm in Dunnellon  It was my first visit and we had a great time picking out pumpkins and sunflowers, walking through the corn maze and taking a hayride before heading home.
my pumpkin
The sunflowers are bright and cheerful in a clear pitcher and the pumpkin is just the right size for display.  When the pumpkin begins to wither I am going to cut it open fill it with potting soil and see if I can get it to grow, I think I will try my h and at planting sunflowers this year,
T and Me
The weekend before we visited a local church carnival and had a good time, my little niece is fearless and wanted to try every ride, unfortunately she is too short to ride most of the bigger rides even with an adult but there were quite a few rides just right for her short stature and the big smile on her face and the giggles rumbling out told me she had a great time.
Carousel Fun
I am posting my last Slow Sunday Stitching post for October and  linking up over at Kathy's Quilts
I have one corner of block 10 for Hocuspocusville Quilt, I will be working on finishing this block today and then on to block 11.


  1. Your block is looking amazing! I might ask for this pattern for Xmas.

  2. I have always thought the Hocuspocusville design was a fun and spooky one but never purchased the pattern. Well done.

  3. Hey, left a comment on my blog that you were interested in purchasing the Gingerbread Square quilt pattern. (BTW, you are no reply. Did you intend to be?) I'd be willing to sell mine for half price...$30...if you're interested, it's good as new.

    1. Barbara what a lovely offer in regard to buying your pattern I have to decline one of my quilt group members is going to trade hers with me for one of my patterns. Thank you for the offer.

  4. Great block, it's really looking good.

  5. What a fun idea to sell sunflowers along with the pumpkins. They look so festive. Your block is coming along great. Halloween embroidery can be so fun. I'm still working on "Calendula Patterdrip" from a few years ago. Also, thanks for commenting on my blog, you are a no reply blogger so I couldn't thank you that way

  6. I don't think I will take my laundry to that Laundromat! Cute stitching project!

  7. I love all your pumpkin fun! Your Hocuspocusville is really coming along. I've eyed this set of patterns for ages. I think I'm soon going to succumb to the temptation and do my own! Sorry you're having to deal with the crazy meds stuff -- hoping it works out for you soon. And yes -- thanks for stopping by my blog! I tried to reply to your comment but you're a "no reply" blogger. :(

  8. Love these blocks... hard water stains added.... hilarious!
    Enjoy your stitching!